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Welcome to the "sport of fitness!"
Welcome to CrossFit!
Welcome to CrossFit Battlegrounds!

CrossFit Battlegrounds is where everyday people enter and become warriors in the battle against obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, inactivity, and laziness. CrossFit Battlegrounds is where battles are engaged so that the war on our insecurities is won through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

No matter what your fitness level, CrossFit Battlegrounds offers a workout program that strengthens the mind, the body, and the spirit. We will help you reach your goals quickly and effectively through training that is constantly varied, that involves functional movements done at high intensities.

We are not your regular globo gym that preys on people who buy memberships and never reach their goals. Your goals are our goals and together we will achieve them and surpass them because training is a lifestyle!

Find your inner warrior, train at CROSSFIT BATTLEGROUNDS!


And then there were pull-up bars...

Thanks to everyone that came out to help today: Dad, Mom, Tito Frank, Tita Naida, RJ, Nelson, Supe, Tugboat, Reeza, Namita, and Jessie. The pull-up bars are up, some equipment has been moved in, now its time to work on the floors and hang the climbing rope!


CrossFit Battlegrounds: The Genesis